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Environmental Products for Spill Response and Hazardous Material Containment and Cleanup.

Let our 25 plus years experience help you stay or become EPA and OSHA compliant. We have designed our site to provide you with an overview of our premier products in the following areas.

*Spill Response Kits
*Containment Boom
*Erosion Control
*Oil Skimmers
*Oil Water Separators
*Environmental Microbial
*Spill Containment Pallets
*Salvage Drums
*Polyelthylene Overpacks
*Non Hazardous Drug Disposal
*Non Hazardous Waste Burners
*Plug and Patch Kits
*Aerosol Depressurizers
*Hazardous Material Shipping Containers
*Drum Crushers
*Vacuum Systems
*RailRoad Track Containment Systems
*Poly Sheeting
*Pit and Pond Liners

You can reach us on our 24 hour emergency Hotline at 1-(888) - 584-5575 or e-mail us at sales@u-p-i.com We look forward to assisting you.  

We hope you enjoy our site and please take a minute to sign our Guest Book and let us know what we can do to make it better for you.


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